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Exfoliating and prep Mitt


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Our exfoliating mitts provide deep exfoliation to visibly remove dead skin before a spray tan or self tanning. They will also remove old sunless tanning products from the skin with ease. So whether you are prepping for a tan or want to remove an old one, these mitts are the absolute best option.

Exfoliating Directions:  In the shower be sure to get your skin fully wet and warmed up first before using the mitt. Apply light pressure to the skin and buff entire body in a circular motion. You will visibly see dead skin rolling up and coming off then rinse away.

Removing Sunless Tan: We recommend a warm bath with some epsom salts, soak for 20 minutes then buff skin in circular motion. You may need to spend extra time on certain areas with build up.

Tip: If it hurts then you are applying too much pressure.


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